Working Out What Family Members to invite for your big day

Last Thursday we were looking at how to organize guest lists for your wedding.

As we tell you, making the guest list is not an easy task, so we want to help you as much as possible with this process and today we will explain the problems in family mediation that may arise after sending the invitations and how to solve them:

> Enter “maximum confirmation date”: This will make things much easier, both organize the tables and when hiring some suppliers: Stationery, catering, wedding hall or hacienda … Send the invitation between 2 and 3 months in advance and go scoring those that confirm you. If on the day that the date on which they should have confirmed all still missing people, call one by one until “close attendance” of all “pending”.

> Divorced friends/family: If you have friends or relatives who have been divorced you have to take into account their situation and what kind of relationship they have. If you can not even look in the face and you fear that you set a scene in full wedding, the best thing is to give the invitation to one of them tell them that you understand that decline the invitation because the other member of the couple goes. If still, both decide to attend, try to put them on one side of the room and sitting at different tables.

> What if it is your own boyfriend who asks you to invite his ex? This is a very complex and personal decision, since it depends on your history, on the story that the two of them continue to have and on whether he would be willing for your ex to attend the wedding … Be clear one thing in family mediation, if at any time idea makes you feel uncomfortable, tell it openly and openly, is your day and the last thing you want is that “past stories” make you feel uncomfortable or make you angry, right?

> People who “take for granted” that are invited: Surely it happens to more than one / a … What to do in these cases? Be very tactful and explain that due to the capacity of the venue you have not been able to invite all those that you would have liked to have attended and had to select. If someone goes further and sends you a gift, send them a thank you note and call them to explain what happened.

> If someone confirms with a companion that was not invited: In the invitations you have to clearly state if you want the whole family with children (FAMILY + SURNAME), if you want a person to go with your partner or companion (NAME + COMPANION / COUPLE) or if you want a single person to attend (NAME). If even specifying in the invitations someone “skips” the protocol and confirms you with a companion, explain tactfully that it is impossible to invite everyone what you want to budget and space. It is important to know to say NO.

> What to do if we do not want children to go to the wedding ?: If you do not want children to attend the wedding, make it clear in the invitation. So as not to be rude, you must be quite redundant in the subject: in the invitation, in the envelope, if you are called to ask … If you have made that decision you have to make it clear to everyone (some children are worthless if not others) since It can bother parents a lot. In the invitation, you can put “Only over 18 years” to indicate that you do not want children/adolescents and in the envelope put (NAMES OF THE COUPLE or NAME + COMPANION), because if you put family it is understood that they can go all.

If you have decided that children go prepare the wedding for them too, take care of the details of your table, your menus, your little gifts, if they will carry some kind of entertainment or person to attend them … Make the wedding for them also incredible. Parents will enjoy and children too.

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