Taking Children to The Wedding is it a good idea?


Have you started with the organization of your wedding? If the answer is yes, you are probably already thinking about the guest list. What kind of wedding do you celebrate? Big? Intimate? Your number of guests will depend. And it is at that moment when you will ask: invite children to the wedding, yes or no? This is a dilemma that many couples face when making their guest list.


It is evident that everyone is free to invite whoever wants to their wedding. Some people think that weddings are not for children while others think the opposite. In any case, inviting children to the wedding has its pros and cons. Let’s analyze¬†families¬†4 mediation.


Invite children to the wedding, yes or no?

This may be one of the most complicated issues when it comes to organizing a wedding. Should we invite the children of our friends to the wedding? Some will say yes and others will not. In any case, every decision is respectable. If you are using a event organiser like Wedding Shop, consider asking them the question as they will no doubt already have dealt with your venue so will have a much better idea and can answer honestly, without the venues “sales pitch”


It is a fact. Children are joy personified. They are all tenderness and wherever they pass they leave a mark. But beware; they can also interrupt some of the most exciting moments of the wedding with some other mischief.




As we have said before, children will be responsible for bringing more joy and happiness (if possible) to the wedding. Not only will they have a great time playing with the other children, they will also remember the big day with a lot of love. From LSC we recommend that you keep the children entertained. How? Organizing different activities for the little ones, such as preparing a set of tables and chairs so that the children can draw quietly.


Your friends with children will feel very grateful. Offer them the option of being able to take the little ones so that they do not have to look for a trusted nanny and leave them at home. Just make sure that the parents take responsibility for the children during the wedding.


Children are the ideal pages. Whatever work they are going to do (bring the rings, flowers or announce the arrival of the bride), we are sure that they will do great. Also, they will give a very fun and unique touch to the ceremony, do not you think?




Budget: It is clear that inviting children to the wedding is an extra expense. If your budget is limited, it may be the best option not to invite them. This way you would save expenses like the children’s menu and the entertainers or other activities (in case you want to keep the children entertained).


A negative aspect with regard to inviting children to your wedding or not is the subject of behavior. A child, not knowing the social norms of a wedding can interrupt some relevant moments like the toast, the dance, silences … This is something you risk if you invite children.


In any case, your partner and you must be aware that it is a personal matter. Speak calmly, think carefully and make a decision together. Do not let yourselves be pressured by the environment and remember: it ‘s your wedding!


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